Collagen has been proven to help cleanse the liver of harmful substances, including alcohol and toxins.

As well as repairing the liver at the same time too!

Collagen is responsible for healthy joints and skin elasticity, or stretchiness. 

As you age, your existing collagen breaks down, and it gets harder for your body to produce more.
After the age of 45, collagen levels may fall by as much as 30% and then a further 1% each year after that.
The visible effects of collagen breakdown do not just appear as wrinkles, fine lines and dry skin; they also materialise as physical ailments too.
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The breakthrough ingredients in our liver supplement when taken daily can help process the alcohol in your liver, while supporting general liver health.


Alcohol is a diuretic and can deplete your body of important B vitamins that are essential to liver. We help the body replace this deficiency.


Alcohol can be like bleach for your gut. Bridport Health believes digestively you should not be compromised just because you like a glass or two. We’ve added lots of gut health nutrient-dense probiotics.


Our well sourced ingredients go beyond any other liver supplement!

Bottom line is...

Just because you drink alcohol doesn't mean you should feel like you're in the dog house and that your health should be compromised as much as it has been.

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That is why we developed Bridport Collagen Support+ which is a ‘one stop’ shopping option for you.

Harness What Your Body Needs As You Are Aging With Just Two Scoops!


Liver Health
Strong Bones
Gut Integrity
Improve Skin Quality
Reduce facial redness
Strengthen Nails and Hair
Our Liver Support formula is loved by drinkers all over the world!
Choose your options of 1, 3 or 6 Bottles.
The Bundle Option is by far the most popular choice
When men and women use our liver supplement, the results they experience from energy, clarity to a healthier gut biome.
We suggest 3 months is the general time you will notice a difference but taking our liver supplement will help your liver process alcohol and eliminate the toxicity straight away.
At Bridport Health we want to provide you with the best option and health opportunity that gives you the best results in one beautiful package that saves you money too.
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Formulated for Men & Women who are looking for longevity and vitality both inside and out!

  •  Want to improve bone density
  •  Are ready to jump start gut integrity
  •  Looking for healthy ways to improve the liver
  • ​ Want to feel and look stronger
  • ​ Know it’s time to enhance skin quality
  • ​ Want to age gracefully
  • ​ Feel it’s time to enjoy life now!

Feel The




It’s not just the collagen combination we are talking about here…

Just like our Bridport Health Liver support supplement, we’ve also included some seriously supportive anti-aging and bone-strengthening nutrients in there too!

We wanted to give you extra health benefits that work so well with collagen.

Check out our high-grade quality ingredients and benefits here!

Bovine Collagen

Improves joint health, gut health, reduces aging while improving muscle growth and relieving bone loss.

Hyaluronic Acid

Decreases the appearance of wrinkles and reduces skin sagging and can reduce dry eyes.


Improves hearth health, aids digestion and metabolism as well as promoting circulation, stimulate the immune system and protect eye health.


This nutrient is considered to have the best possible healing effect for most skin conditions as well as brittle nails as well as overall health for hair.

Bamboo Extract

As the body ages, we produce less and less silica. This extract works by raising the body’s nature levels of silica which strengthens hair, improves elasticity of the skin and is amazing for memory.

Marine Collagen

This nutrient has the advantage of containing high collagen levels and absorbing well into the body allowing to support bones, gut, liver, hair and nails.

Hydrolyzed Chicken Cartilage

Some of the amazing benefits of this type of Collagen which is good for your gut, immune system, skin and is known to help reduce rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin regulates the mood and fends of depression as it enhances the secretion of serotonin and the feel-good hormones that reduce stress and anxiety. Also can reduce the risk of kidney stone formation.

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